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Welcome to the Edge Co-op art class subdomain. This is an art class that is being taught to a group of homeschoolers in the Seymour TN area, however, everyone is welcome to partake of this info. It is hoped that other art teachers may be able to glean tips here.

My name is Jim, this is the second co-op art class I've taught. The first was about comics, and the students were younger. So I've got new material. In fact, at this point, the ideas are for the most part abstract. These ideas have a lot of potential for addressing different abilities and ambitions. We'll try them one way, if they need changing, OK, I'll add or subtract from them.

So you have your caveat, with that, let us consider said ideas: The central goal is for students to learn traditional art methods. Along with this, I want them to experience the means of expressing their art in contemporary forms of communication. An added benefit of this will be that the intimidation of employing these mediums for the first time will be removed.

To that end, lessons will be presented in the format of : lesson 1, lesson 1A, lesson 1B, and so on. As an example, lesson 1 might be drawing and shading an object with a pencil. Lesson 1A would then be to take the sketch, scan it in to a computer, raster edit it, and add some text, probably post in on a website (like this one!) Lesson 1B would be to make a vector image from the drawing, and run it through a sign drawing plotter.

Each lesson will have its own page, which will be linked at the right of this page. I hope this doesn't sound complex, it's not, and there are a lot of rewarding projects awaiting us. I want students to get their art printed, posted on the internet, painted on a mural, and in some vehicle graphics, along with other mediums.

Thank you for your interest,