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Welcome to the Edge Co-op art class subdomain. This is an art class that is being taught to a group of homeschoolers in the Seymour TN area, however, everyone is welcome to partake of this info.

Lessons will be presented in the format of : lesson 1, lesson 1A, lesson 1B, and so on. As an example, lesson 1 might be drawing and shading an object with a pencil. Lesson 1A would then be to take the sketch, scan it in to a computer, raster edit it, and add some text, probably post in on a website (like this one) Lesson 1B would be to make a vector image from the drawing, and run it through a sign drawing plotter.

Each lesson will have its own page, which will be linked at the right of this page. I hope this doesn't sound complex, it's not, and there are a lot of rewarding projects awaiting us. I want students to get their art printed, posted on the internet, painted on a mural, and in some vehicle graphics, along with other mediums.

Thank you for your interest,