Edge art class lesson 2: the old house
In this lesson, we're going to draw an old wooden house, that's on a highway between Knoxville Tn and Dandridge Tn. You really need to look at another lesson HERE to understand what two point perspective is. You don't have to do the lesson, but you need to understand it. The picture is below, you can work from your computer monitor, or print out the picture.
Ok below is step 1, remember, LIGHT PENCIL LINES!!
Look at the picture carefully, see where the corners of the house are, see how the roof is angled, notice how the dormers cut through the roof line. That's one of the things that caught my eye when I first saw this house.

The first line I drew is the front corner of the house, line A. Look how this line is in the picture. Don't make it too long or short, or too close to one edge of the page. Now, I make line B. This IS NOT part of the house, it's just for visual reference, to help with the perspective. Put lines C and D in, looking carefully at where they go, and the angle of line D.

Add Lines E and F, being careful of the angle on line F. It appears to me that the front of the house is about twice as wide as the side.

Next, make an x on the side of the house. Remember, light pencil lines, this will have to be removed. The reason for this x is to tell where the middle of the wall is. Since it is visually smaller at the back of the house, the measurements will be skewed. This is a convenient way to tell where the middle is.

Now draw the middle line H of the wall up toward the top of your page. Draw in lines I and J. Notice how I moved them away from the house a little. This is your eve. Also, be very careful about the angles on these rooflines, if you look at my final drawing, it's obvious I didn't get this quite right.

Look at the top of the roof in the picture, and draw in lines K and L. A common mistake is to have line L too steep. It should be very similar to line I at the other end of the house.

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