Edge Lesson 1 Part C
To color it in, find a lighter green colored pencil, and a darker green colored pencil..Test the colors on a separate piece of paper. When scanned, the colors in my drawing got distorted quite a bit, so your results probably won't look exactly like this.

Also, because of how I made this lesson (tracing and light table), I used the more expensive copy paper, which doesn't lend itself to colored pencils very well, it makes the colors kind of streaky. You may well expect better results on yours! The essence of this coloring part is to see the lighter and darker areas. The first thing I do is make green outlines-more or less- around the veins. Then fill in the rest of the green(s), being careful to blend the darker into the lighter.

Remember that if you bear down hard on that colored pencil, you won't be able to make it lighter later.

Also, SAVE YOUR FINAL WORK, you'll need it for another project involving computers and software.